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January 21, 2013
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Sailor Kuu: MTS Intro Example 2013 by StefBani Sailor Kuu: MTS Intro Example 2013 by StefBani
:bulletpink:Name: Selene Lark, Sailor Kuu!

:bulletpink:Age: 17

:bulletpink:Birthday: October 18th

:bulletpink:Likes: I absolutely love candy, sparkles, laughing, and outer space. Candy is something I just grew up on, makes me happy. Sparkles...I can connect those to stars, gems, and glitter, all of which I either grew up on or found entertaining. Some of my favorite foods go from bacon all the way to carrots. I just like all kinds of food, thanks to my parents and traveling. Making friends and meeting people are extremely fun to me. Corny jokes just make my day as well, who wouldn't want to laugh at a ridiculous joke? Bunnies are my favorite animal because I received a rabbit stuffed animal when I was a child. She was my best friend. I just adore pink! Hot pink, light pink, anything! I always think of love when I see pink and I love love! Show me anything cute I will swoon over it, I guess another thing I grew up with. I enjoy drawing, singing, and writing in my free time. I aspire to get married and live with my friends in my future....and for world happiness.

:bulletpink:Dislikes: Pickles, along with many vegetables, are on my dislike list. They don't appeal to me, they taste bad, and look repulsive; even the ones cooked right taste bad. I also really dislike exercise, mainly running. I'm not good at running, I trip too much, and I just hate losing to people I happen to race. I loath blood and needles, and in reality, I am a blood-a-phobic. I've had some pretty interesting situations with blood, and I prefer to keep it inside of me. It was meant to be there and it's going to stay there. I quiet dislike when people are sad because they don't deserve it. No one deserves to be sad. Well, maybe people who invented school, they deserve all the shame in the world.

:bulletpink:Personality: Quirky, bubbly and silly are the first words that come to my mind when I hear 'personality'. I am a major spazz, and can never be taken seriously. Yet, I do have my dark days of solitude and just mope around. I'm extremely over emotional. I'm lazy, bit of a cry baby, and very trusting. I hate to hate people that I meet, unless something goes terribly wrong.

:bulletpink:Powers: My powers are quiet like 'Sailor Moon's, but different. I'm from a totally different universe to the majority of everything. In my world, Sailor Moon is just a story. I control the powers of Healing, Destruction, Creation and Light. My star seed was created by the three Legendary Soldiers who represented those first three powers. Basically, it transferred over. My power of light, however, I inherited from my mother, the Queen of the Moon and my sister. However, yes I have four powers, but three I cannot control. My healing, destruction and creating powers are dictated on emotion. If I get overly mad, destruction happens. If I get overly fearful, creation happens. If I get overly protective, my healing powers kick in. So, those powers are more side effects than anything. Light is my main power. Mostly its light manipulation, but I can connect to my healing powers to heal people with light, not the raw power of healing.

So, my baby Sailor Kuu, aka Me, needed some loving. And then I noticed, Sailor Kuu is like the first Senshi of Pink/Purple that was for the moon. She even beat Sailor Lunar Angel! :o
I added some blue because originally Kuu was blue. :o
Official Creation Date: June 2, 2011
Revised: June 12, 2012
If you know any senshi that has the same colors, represents the moon, and was created before Kuu, share! :D
I wuv her. :love:
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Toto-the-cat Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013
Soooooo pretty and the drawing is so cute! :love: :heart:
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yaaaaaay it's sailor kuuuuuu!!!
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She's so pretty
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She looks great Stef! ^-^
StefBani Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thankies! :D
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